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Westbank - A Culture Company

Westbank is a pioneering practice dedicated to crafting environments that inspire and embrace the power of vibrant cities. With a 30-year history, this private entity aligns with global partners, focusing on transformative projects in key cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Tokyo, and San Jose.


Renowned for its commitment to net zero carbon initiatives and a vast portfolio across residential, commercial, and cultural sectors, Westbank champions sustainability and community enrichment, aiming to foster urban potential and collective well-being.


Oakridge Park

Collaborative Artistry

A cultural hub created through collaborations with world-renowned architects and designers, including Piero Lissoni, Sergio Clémande Burgevin Blanchman, Makoto Azuma, and more. Offering an innovative blend of artistic expression and functional design.

Nature Integration

Extensive green spaces intricately woven into the architectural fabric, promoting a seamless blend between the built environment and the natural world.

Cultural and Living Experience

Choose from 3 unique residential buildings, enjoy a vibrant mix of cultural, shopping, and recreational spaces, Oakridge Park is a microcosm of city life, designed to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles.


Alberni by Kengo Kuma

Unique Architectural Design

A 43-storey tower with distinctive "scoops" that create deep, wood-furnished balconies. These design elements not only offer stunning views but also form a harmonious connection with the urban environment. The building's silhouette changes from different angles, presenting an ever-evolving profile against the city skyline.

Designed by The Great Kengo Kuma

Incorporating his signature use of natural materials, especially wood, and intricate craftsmanship throughout. Its design includes domed vaults at the ground level leading to a serene moss and bamboo garden, extending the tranquil ambiance to the swimming pool. 

Elevated Amenities and Living Experience

Alberni offers an array of exceptional amenities, including a Kengo Kuma-designed Fazioli piano in the communal areas and a contemporary Japanese restaurant inspired by the culinary art form of Kaiseki.


Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary

Oceanfront Living

Designed to maximise the relationship between the residences and the sea, offering expansive views and direct access to the waterfront. This connection to the sea is central to the project's appeal, offering residents a serene and dynamic seascape right at their doorstep.

Marine-Inspired Amenities

Among the project's standout features is its boathouse, which is not just an architectural statement but also a functional space that deeply connects residents to the maritime lifestyle. With luxurious amenities like a 24-foot Chris Craft boat and dedicated captain, as well as paddleboards and kayaks, the development encourages residents to engage with the sea through recreational activities.

Design and Sustainability

The use of geothermal heating and cooling draws from the ocean's resources, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship while enhancing residents' connection to their natural surroundings. The thoughtful integration of stormwater recycling and emphasis on local materials further tie the community to its coastal environment​.

Image by Tom Winckels

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